April 23rd, 2003

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08:43 am - Everybody's doing it...
so sui66iy in his recent strive for weenieness posted that he had calculated his Ecological Footprint. Lots of people followed suit. I was bored and decided to give it a shot myself.

Hmmm... I only hit 7.4. 72% of the average. I really expected that to be higher (and it might be 6.6, I said we don't use a green electricity provider, but knowing that jeremiahblatz is a weenie and used to live with Mike before I did, we might be).

Another reason I expected to be higher is that I drive to work everyday, and I'm like an evil, SUV-driving, terrorist-supporting, Hitler-loving queer. But it didn't turn out that way. Playing with the calculator, I'd guess that the main reasons for me being so low are that I drive mostly on the highway, so my miles/gallon are a little better than they could be, the fact that i actually don't take in that many calories, what with the dieting and not drinking any beverage but water most of the time. Also, I pretty much never fly anywhere anymore. Also, my usage of public transportation is completely zero (which actually took off my rating quite a bit), Anyway, I'm not sure I buy into their rhetoric anyway, and even if I did, I still think that mine should be higher. Again, I do drive an SUV after all.

Anyway, that was a nice diversion, I suppose, but not really my cup of tea. I will now turn my attention to issues I find more pressing, like mourning Nina Simone, praying for Luther, wondering when Wayne's World will be cancelled.

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[User Picture]From: jameel Date: April 23rd, 2003 - 08:55 am (Link)
You suck, Mav! Burn more oil!
[User Picture]From: chrismaverick Date: April 23rd, 2003 - 10:03 am (Link)
nah... I've turned over a new environmentally friendly leaf. But I didn't like what I saw so I turned it back over again. So I spent my lunch break clubbing baby seals. Not for their pelts or anything, mostly just cuz its fun. Of course that's ok, because the test doesn't seem to have any rules against it.
[User Picture]From: jameel Date: April 23rd, 2003 - 12:35 pm (Link)
Baby seals have oil, don't they? Burn it!
[User Picture]From: chrismaverick Date: April 23rd, 2003 - 01:10 pm (Link)
only if I can find something really gratuitous to burn it on. I mean, I don't want to use it for heat or to run my car... I'd have to do something like use it to get a better tan or shining my shoes or something...

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