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Everybody's doing it...

so sui66iy in his recent strive for weenieness posted that he had calculated his Ecological Footprint. Lots of people followed suit. I was bored and decided to give it a shot myself.

Hmmm... I only hit 7.4. 72% of the average. I really expected that to be higher (and it might be 6.6, I said we don't use a green electricity provider, but knowing that jeremiahblatz is a weenie and used to live with Mike before I did, we might be).

Another reason I expected to be higher is that I drive to work everyday, and I'm like an evil, SUV-driving, terrorist-supporting, Hitler-loving queer. But it didn't turn out that way. Playing with the calculator, I'd guess that the main reasons for me being so low are that I drive mostly on the highway, so my miles/gallon are a little better than they could be, the fact that i actually don't take in that many calories, what with the dieting and not drinking any beverage but water most of the time. Also, I pretty much never fly anywhere anymore. Also, my usage of public transportation is completely zero (which actually took off my rating quite a bit), Anyway, I'm not sure I buy into their rhetoric anyway, and even if I did, I still think that mine should be higher. Again, I do drive an SUV after all.

Anyway, that was a nice diversion, I suppose, but not really my cup of tea. I will now turn my attention to issues I find more pressing, like mourning Nina Simone, praying for Luther, wondering when Wayne's World will be cancelled.

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