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on being a starving artist...

Ok, so honestly I'm not starving at the moment, but lately I haven't been all that artistic either. I aim to change all that.

First things first, I have finally added danitapgh's portrait. That brings the photosketch series to seven. In case anyone hasn't seen the others, they are: Cheryl, Mathilde, Regina, Diane, Jennifer and Stephanie.

Second, as I said, I want to be an artist again. I've decided I need to do more pieces. I really like doing the photosketches, but I need models. So if you are a gorgeous woman reading this and living in Pittsburgh and wouldn't mind having your beauty eternally caputred in the works of a brilliant artist (well, an artist anyway -- ok, how about some guy who tries to draw and paint?) then let me know. I suppose I could also do men. Even Nagel painted men every once in a while.

Third, I'm a starving artist... ummm... buy stuff or something...

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