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on being a starving artist... (ADDENDUM B)

to assuage the concerns of certain namelss individuals (*cough* yannaboo *cough-cough*) please note that my call for models is still open despite the fact that there have already been volunteers. Also, note that I did say that I wanted gorgeous women and ugly, stinky, homeless men and everything in between and was not necessarilly limiting myself to those two groups alone.

Also of note, fellow artsy photographer people, thwomp and anukul are also looking for people to photograph and may accompany me at any random time or may be interested in following you around to memorialize your life someday or whatever.

Best of all, you might end up in an Elseworld show someday to have your beauty marvelled at by the culturally elite. How can your sense of narcissitic ego resist that?

PS: someone remind me to get an artist table at Pittsburgh Comicon next year. Its this weekend. I meant to get one, but I forgot. *sigh*

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