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on marketing to the 28 year old American male...

All bow down before the marketing genius that is Тату. I just finished watching their new video for Not Gonna Get It. Ummm... wow...

Apparently someone just completely knows how to market directly to me. The pitch meeting probably went something like this:

"Ok, let's see... we want to appeal to the 20-something negro male, who drives an SUV in middle income America. What to do? What to do...hmmm....

"Ok, what do we have to work with. Two petite teenaged russian lesbians. Hmm... alright, yeah, we can work with that. Give it a dance beat. Ok, now what.... alright, what we're gonna need here is a one HUGE FUCKING TRUCK! Ok.... Now put them on top of the truck and make the wind blow through their hair... yeah, that's cool... they'll love it.

"What? we need more? Hmmm... what to do? What to do? I got it! SET THE TRUCK ON FIRE!"

It was brilliant! Brilliant I tell you. Unlike the last video, they don't even kiss. No hot teenaged russian lesbian action at all. Just two girls standing on top of a fucking huge speeding truck on FIRE!!!

whew... somebody give me a cigarrette.

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