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on days off...

took the day off to get a lot of things done.

People came and installed new cabinets in our kitchen. Never buy cabinets. Buying cabinets is a pain in the ass, and ultimately more trouble than its worth. Just ask sui66iy. Really, its better to just leave all of your dishes and food stacked up in the corner.

Met with CBS network execs about the possibility of developing a show of my own. More on that when I feel like it.

I had ordered a Canon G3 a couple days ago. Its supposed to be delivered today. Only it hassn't been yet. The FedEx website says that a delivery attempt was made an hour ago, and yet they did not. Furthermore, there is no "hey we tried to bring you something and you weren't here" tag. Called FedEx to have them look into it. They claim they did and that the delivery guy knows where the house is, and left a tag. I beg to differ. Mike or I or both have been here all day, and there is definitely no tag. So now I am dealing with FedEx trying to tell me its going to be "hard [the driver] to come back, but we'll see what we can do." Sons fo bitches... Waiting for them to call me back again now.

Anyone up for Silky's for Happy Hour today? I have some time to kill before going to see X2.

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