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Status Quo

I said I wanted to have something here. So here is something approaching a real entry.

All the built in themes for the free account suck... I wonder if it will eventually convince me to pay for the service. Maybe if I eventually decide to do make updates with any regularity.

Spent several hours revising the Elseworld Gift Shop. The new changes aren't quite ready yet, but in theory there will be some cool stuff there once they are.
Posted my latest photosketch to the site the other day. This one of Cheryl. Not sure what I am gonna do next. I have a few more photosketches planned, but I need to finalize things with the models. I'm liking the photosketch series a lot, but I should probably avoid pigeon holing myself too much. I have a couple other ideas. One for my Valkyrie picture, which I was working on for a while, and also the Buffalo Soldier picture I have been wanting to do for a while. Maybe I'll get to work on those sometime soon. Or maybe I'll just continue to be really lame and lazy. Hmmm....

Speaking of lazy. I should have sent out jammy jam preinvitations to out of town people today. But I didn't.... maybe tomorrow... sigh.... I did start prize shopping though, so I don't totally suck.

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