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on mutants, megapixels and muffdivers...

so my camera finally did arrive. I charged it and took it to Silky's with me to play. I am quite pleased with the results. I guess in theory I am ready to start taking pictures for my photosketches. I wish I had a bigger memory card for it though (since the resolution is better, my 2 256MB CF cards seem insufficient all of a suddent). Anyway, jameel, amazinggrace, vanango, who wants to be first? Jameel, I need to talk to your people as well. anisodragnfly and gigglefaerie I know i've also talk to you guys about doing this before... so much to do so little time. Anyone else interested? I'm still looking for people.

It was Friday, so I hung out at Silky's with beststephi, sui66iy and danitapgh. Dana started talking about movies about lesbians playing soccer, which in turn got Steph talking about her ideas about what lesbian porn should be like (that is porn featuring women, aimed at women). She believed that lesbian porn aimed at women would be different than lesbian porn aimed at men. She can comment more specifically, but as I understand it, she believed that since women are in general less visually stimulated than men, that the lesbian porn would be more realistic, or cerebral or about the interaction or something. I was not quite clear what she was getting at. My speculation was that people who are interested in getting off by looking at lesbian porn are interested in hot naked chicks involved in unbridled girl-on-girl action. After discussing it for a bit, Mike surmised that perhaps the web could solve our problems, and suggested DMOZ would have a classifications of both male and femaled oriented lesbian porn. So he borrowed my palm phone and checked. (I've undoubtebly now set cookies on my phone and will be getting spam calls for Hot Lesbian Action). Browsing DMOZ seemed to show that Mike was correct and there are both male and female oriented lesbian sex sights, but browsing the web on my palm phone sucks, so we gave up before we actually could look at any of them. Now that I have gotten home, I have made the sacrifice in the name of scientific research and looked. The web has apparently proven me correct. It appears that lesbian women like the same porn as men. Or so the web would have us believe.

Finally, we went and saw X-men 2. I was very much impressed. It was about a million times better than the first. Without ruining any plot elements, the story was better, the acting was better (more or less) and the special effects were millions of times better. There were still some things I could complain about, but I will refrain from doing so in this forum especially since people haven't seen it yet. I don't think it will be the best movie of the summer, but I certainly give it the thumbs up. Its worth going to see.

Ok, admit it... who clicked on the lesbian links? You know you did you dirty dirty boy.

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