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on being able to roll like that...

Did you ever have a dream? Everybody has a dream. My dream involves oversized wheels, shiny chrome running boards, an 18-inch lift kit, dangerous bass, a silicon enhanced Barbie on the hood and mad hydralics in the back.

Picture me rollin'!

So I got the newest issue of Sport Truck Magazine this weekend. It was more or less the same as every issue. Reviews of some trucks. Some easy do-it-yourself upgrades. Some sound system stuff. Tire reviews. I think there might have been a pciture of some big boobed woman in a bikini (but who really pays attention to that stuff?). But this issue there was something special. The Sport Truch Low-Buck Challenge! I was intrigued. Go down in Sport Truck history by customizing your truck. The catch? The base rig has to be '98 or older. It has to book for less than $10,000. And you can only spend $5500 total on the upgrades. Winner gets featured in the magazine and a bunch of other stuff.


So let's see, the Vagabond is '97! I bought it for $7500! Dude! I can do this. The only thing I don't have is $5500 (and bikini clad babes to stand in front and model it, but that can come later). So here we go. Who wants to help me win a national trucking contest? All you have to do is put money in this convenient little virtual amazon tip jar I have included and then make some suggestions as to what I should do in the comments. What could be easier than that? So here we go, I'm willing to enter my truck on behalf of the internet. Who's with me?

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Also, ummm... who wants to wear a bikni and stand in front of the truck? Model must be able to smile and point.

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