May 7th, 2003

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10:40 am - on pinball training...
a long time ago I used to be a pretty decent pinball player. I used to play every day. There used to be a Twilight Zone machine in my living room. Times got hard, and I was eventually forced to sell the TZ and I fell out of practice. The last two years I've competed in Division C atPinburgh, mostly just for the hell of it. Just to sort of keep myself on the fringes of pinbally society.

Today I got mail from Kevin "Sigma" Martin announcing Pinburgh 2003. For some reason, the date has been changed. Rather than occuring in June as it did for the last couple of years that I have been playing, it will be in September. The 12th-14th to be specific. Which is to say that I will be missing it as I will be in Scotland laying witness to the nuptuals of jeremiahblatz and thompso2. Que sera sera.

But the thing is that the mail also states that Pinburgh 2004 will mark the return of PAPA. PAPA 7 should occur sometime in June 2004. This is pretty exciting. This means that I must now dedicate myself to 13 long months of training for the occasion. Woohoo! I'm back baby!

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[User Picture]From: dr4b Date: May 7th, 2003 - 09:55 am (Link)
heh! wow, that brings back weird memories... I mostly knew Kevin through PIU, then found out he's the pinball guy.

and yay! I'm so out of touch with Jer but that sounds like a cool wedding plan.

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