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on going out and spending money

Hung out at Silky's for like 5 hours yesterday with beststephi, wooble, Tracy and some of Tracy's friends. To everyone who thinks its a lame bar to hang out at... bah! Bah I say! Did much drinking and socializing with random people at other tables and the waitstaff. Spent the rest of the evening hanging out with Steph... drank many shots, but had enough water so no hangover in the morning, yay!

Went shopping with Steph and sui66iy, today. Picked up lots of stuff for Aloha Jam. We now have most of the exciting and valuable prizes (which is to say that yes there will be some, so I hope everyone is getting their luau stuff together), and I just ordered the final ones online just now. I also have everything I need for my luau outfit. Mike and Steph also have all of their stuff I believe. Spent bunches of money on decorations and prizes, so people best be showing up and in costume to make it worth it, I'll tell you what!

Also picked up some new ambiguously gay shirts at Gabriel Brothers. Quite pleased with them. I find it amazing that I can get nice quality homoflexible clothing at a discount store wherein before I had to go to International Male.

Also went to Home Depot. Got things to fix my ceiling fan and an electronic hand sander. Hopefully I will soon be embarking on a 24 hour adventure wherein I'll have the opportunity to use the sander to torture someone. Or maybe I'll just use it on the new cabinets Mike bought. Whichever.

Ate dinner at Chilis. I had forgotten how much I love El Presidente Margarita. Ate to much though, and now I feel to bloated to even go down stairs and work out to burn it off.

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