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on party weather and other things...

Hmmm, chance of rain is down to 50% for Saturday. This is down from I think 80% yesterday. So hopefully, tomorrow that will drop to 20, and then -10% on Friday. Hmmm... what does it mean to have a negative chance of rain?

Watched the finales of Buffy and 24 on Tivo last night, and without issuing spoilers, I am now anxiously awaiting my own on Friday. I could use a hiatus about now. Hopefully I will be done a little early on Friday and I can get into Silky's a little earlier and get some quality drinking done in celebration of...ummm... "wrapping up the season." Who's with me?

Congratulations to sui66iy's uncle for winning his city council election. This is ver inspiring, and its making me think I should think seriously about my aspirations of running for office in the future. I had this theory that I might run under the government by internet ticket. I'll handle any routine matters myself, but anytime I need to make an important decision, I'd consult my constituents by doing an LJ poll. Who's with me? Can I count on your support in the polls? Someone give me a baby to kiss.

Bleah...feeling restless and can't wait to get out of work today. I think I'll do something constructive like clean the house and get party stuff ready. I'm actually feeling like I am entering the beginning of a creative phase. I hope it lasts til I have some free time, I might get some writing or artwork done for once.

Hmmm... I now notice that I don't have a location to link to for my writing on the web. I'm going to have to fix that soon too...

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