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Memorial Day Weekend (aka My Life as a Bum - Day 1 (redux))

So the last time I was a bum, I squandered it. I think the problem was that I was leaving a job that I really liked and that I didn't want to leave. So I went from being happy to being miserable. Not this time, this time I'm leaving a job I despised. A job that I spent every second from the moment I walked in the door wishing that it was time to go home, and every second I was at home dreading the fact that I was getting closer and closer to having to go back in again. So now I have gone from being miserable to being happy. This time I am going to enjoy my bumness.

Day 0 of being a bum was celebrated by cider and tequila at Silky's followed by going home and having my hair braided by one blk. Thank you, Barb. Everyone see Barb for all their hair braiding needs.

Day 1 of being a bum was celebrated with a Maverick Jam 707 style. It was a good turnout, I know that I counted 59 people, but I may have missed a couple. A lot of people there that I hadn't met before (including vanango, finally), which is always a good sign. I won the costume contest. Pictures will be posted at my earliest possible convenience... no really... I mean it this time... irs all part of my big do constructive things with my bumness kick. Also, yannaboo brought me the cookies she had promised to make me last August. Yay!

Day 2 of being a bum (today) was celebrated by playing some tennis with beststephi, max1975 and wooble. Did poorly. Max and I lost to Steph and Geoff 3-6 and 4-6, then Geoff and I lost to Steph and Max 2-6 and 4-6. This knocks me out of first place as a doubles player on the tennis ladder. Sigh... Went to dinner at Aladdin's with beststephi, anisodragnfly, max1975, sundaygray, sui66iy, nowishere, ere_i_am_jh(Nick), ere_i_am_jh(Joe), kochansky, b1uebutterf1y and Curt. Now I'm waiting for Gina, Mathilde and Curt to get back to my place so that we can all watch movies and drink some of the beer we have left over.

All in all, a good start to this whole bum thing... I anxiously await tomorrow.

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