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so speaking of parties...

So now that Aloha Jam is out of the way, its time to start planning Jammy Jam 2003. Since Jammy Jam is my birthday party, it traditionally occurs on the closest Saturday to my birthday (Aug 1st). This year, that would be Aug 2nd. Unfortunately, Aug 2nd is not possible because of a conference that beststephi needs to attend (she's presenting a paper there... yay!!!). The 9th is also out as sui66iy's brother has inconsiderately decided to get married that weekend. So the options are currently July 25th and August 16th. So which would people be better able to attend?

Poll #138610 Jammy Jam Poll

When would be the best day for Jammy Jam?

August 16th
July 26th
Other (specify below)

If Other, what date?

if there are other things I should be considering, let me know that too...

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