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my life as a bum - day 5

First of all, thank you to jameel for providing me with the Ben Liebrand mixes... really, its changed my life. sui66iy and I had discussed the possibility of having a "Remix Jam" which would be a combination of previous Jam ideas I've had, but all music would be required to be a DJ mix of something. Maybe this is the solution to having a jammy jam for my birthday as well as a party later in august when people want me to... hmmm... things to think about anyway.

Sent out four resumes today. I'm proactive like a mothafucka.

Things still on my to do list for today:
  • Eat lunch
  • Work out
  • Work on Aloha Jam Pics
  • Go to Phantom
  • Go to Yum Wok with beststephi

this bum stuff is a lot of work

Oh, I appear to have won apestyle's comic book quiz. Bully for me!

Hmm... 5 days of being a bum and I still haven't gotten back into writing fiction... myabe I should issue a lx_arena challenge. Or someone else should or something...

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