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the most productive bum of all time

Got about halfway through my To Do list for yesterday. Punted on Phantom because new comic day is delayed til today because of the holiday, and beststephi and I decided to delay our Yum Wok date til today too. I did start working on the Aloha Jam pics and will have them on the website as soon as I can/ I promise.

Steph and I teamed up to play two tennis matches against wooble and max1975 both of which we lost which just knocks me way the fuck down the ladder. Will need to come back strong in the coming weeks. That counted as my working out for yesterday... since I ran on tuesday as well(two cardio days in a row), I'll have to switch up and hit the weights tonight. My knees are starting to hold up a little better though, and that's good. Maybe its the Flintstones vitamins I have been taking all week... 10 million strong and growing.

Made an appointment to get the windshield wipers on the Vagabond fixed next Wednesday morning. They seem to think that I am not covered under the recall. They said there is the chance that it might be expanded in the future but for now, my VIN number is not recognized as part of it. I don't really want to wait though, it scares me to drive around in the rain, so I'll be paying the $100 to fix it. Other things I need to work on for the Vagabond include checking to see if I can fix the speakers, figuring out if there's somewhere I can mount the KITT light, and reinstalling my car stereo in a sturdier mount. Future mods will involve rehanging the door, and getting a new security system. Maybe after I have a job. You know, you can still help rebuild the Vagabond with your spare change. You know you want to. "Baby needs a limited slip differential!"

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