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in other useless statistical news...

This post represents the first time I have posted at least one LJ entry every day for a full month. Also of note, blackfishnets posted the 1,000th comment to my journal last night, and so she wins a gold star. Of course, I'll have to take it away from her, since she'll undoubtedly tease me for only having 1,000 comments compared to her 8,354, but oh well... oh also, assuming I post tomorrow, that will be the first time that I have posted 50 days in a row. I'm just breaking milestones all over the place.

Hung out at Silky's yesterday with beststephi, anukul, sui66iy, yannaboo, sk4p, Collin and Min. Afterwards went over to danitapgh's place and then Steph, Dana, Anu, Mike and I went to have drinks and see "The Italian Job." Group consensus is that the movie was a nice fun "romp." Certainly not Academy Award worthy, but it had a great performance by Mos Def and lots of nice Cooper Mini chase scenes.

Now I'm off to Mac Outfitters to try and get the power cable to this mac replaced before I run out of battery.... whee...

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