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Tennis today gone tomorrow...

Played tennis today with danitapgh. georgejas, max1975, beststephi and wooble. Proved my game superiority to Max by beating him with both Dana and George as my partner, thus enriching their lives by showing them what it was like to be on a winning team. Team Maverick. Geoff and Max then managed to squeak out a win at 7-5, 2-6, 6-4 due in no part to skill on their own or any type of mental strength but instead due almost entirely to difference of opinion between Steph and I as to strategy. No matter, I have moved back into 3rd place on the tennis ladder. Next time perhaps I will take Max as a partner, soundly defeat Steph and Geoff (the boy needs to taste true moral victory) and reassume my rightful place at the top of the doubles ladder...

Full day ahead of me tomorrow. Interview in the morning, (9 am) and then I'm going to head out to Cranberry (again!) to take my laptop in for service. Wheee...

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