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on the return of the karma tornado...

apparently I have done something right, because the karma tornado is back in full effect.

Took the Vagabond to Bill Gray GMC today to finally get the fried windshield wipers fixed. Apparently GMC is supposed to be issuing a recall on them this summer, but they haven't yet. Only my windshield wipers don't work now, and its the rainy season and I don't want to wait til July or whenever. So I said "Fuck it, I'll pay the $100" So I made an appointment which was this morning. When I got there, the guy said let me check to make sure they haven't issued the recall in the last 2 days. Then he came back and said no. Then he said tell you what though, I'm going to run the diagnostic and if it turns out that it is in fact a fried circuit board, then it must be GMC's fault and I'll fix it for free. MEGABONUS! So now, 3 hours later (it was only supposed to be one) I have working windshield wipers at no cost.

No sooner than I get home and walk in the door I get a phonecall from MacOutfitters. My laptop is back already and supposedly in perfect working order. So now I am on my way out there to pick it up.

Oh happy day. I'm hoping sometime later this afternoon I'll win the Pubisher's Cleraring House Sweepstakes and then I'll find out that the world is in danger and can only be saved by my making the sacrifce of taking Hugh Hefner's place at the helm of the Playboy empire. Oh the sacrifices I do make for humanity.

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