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karma tornado downgraded to tropical storm...

So seeing as how I was having such good luck earlier today, I decided to take mamarayne's advice and play the lottery. I didn't know which game to play so I played all 3 (well all the big ones). The 3 digit game, the 4 digit game and the Powerball. Back in the old days, I used to have the mystical ability to predict the Ohio lottery for fun and profit. That ability apparently doesn't translate to the Pennsylvania lottery, so I never really got into playing here.

Well, I have now discovered that psychically I am in fact very well endowed...

well almost...

So I got 3 out of the 4 numbers in the 4 digit game. This is annoying as if I had gotten the 4th number I would have won 100 bucks (+$2500, if I'd gotten them in order, which I did not) and if I had gotten the 3 digits in the 3 digit game like you are supposed to, I would have won 40 bucks (+$250, if I had gotten it straight). Clearly I need to work on my tuning my mental aptitudes. Does anyone have a webcam and a spoon that I can try to bend over the internet?

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