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on lazy weekends...

Weekends sort of lose some of their special toucch when you don't have to work during the week either. Not a lot of note this weekend. After out pinballing GOD on Friday, I hung out with beststephi, sui66iy, anukul and danitapgh at Silky's on Friday, and then eventually went to Aladdin's for dinner. Much engaging philosophical conversation occuredl.

Saturday morning sui66iy and I worked on getting the celing fans in our bedrooms working properly. After taking apart a fan and a like socket, we determined that the problem was that there needed to be a fresh battery added to his remote and a dip switch needed to be flipped on my fan. Granted we did a whole lot more work than we needed to, but now we know, and we also acquired a ladder in the process which will undoubtebly come in useful at some point in the future. I spent the evening playing tennis with beststephi, max1975, and georgejas. Two doubles matches. Won the first with Max as my partner. Lost the second with Steph. Max is now once again (barely) ahead of me on the tennis ladder and Steph is behind me. However, despite narrowly losing, Steph and my game is much better now that she isn't playing so close to the net, and my serve is picking up nicely, so it shouldn't be too hard to crushingly defeat Max and wooble next time we play them. I figure if we soundly defeat them twice that should restore me to my rightful place at the top of the ladder. Saturday night I spent asking people interview questions and watching Highlander II: The Quickening on the SciFi channel, because apparently Mike felt that we didn't have enough pain in our lives.

And so now we reach Sunday, where I have literally done nothing of any consequence all day. I am hoping to at the very least accomplish some laundry. But really, I hate to reach too far.

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