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This is just not my month...


No, I didn't wreck the truck already, but effective immediately, I've been laid off. Its not that much of a surprise, there were some lay offs at the company a few months ago, and things haven't gotten much better, but it still sucks. I really liked my job.

So, I think I am going to go to my last chiropractor exam, and then do some quality drinking tonight. Tomorrow, I suppose I'll start looking for a new job. Actually anisodragnfly gave me a lead on something at CMU already, so maybe I'll make out my resume tonight. That would be kind of cool, I could get tuition remission and go back to school and finish the philosophy degree. You can never have enough undergraduate degrees.

Sigh... so much for buying houses and making sport truck modifications... I'll have to settle for that 1/4 full bottle of Old #7 over there. Did you notice how I said 1/4 full instead of 3/4 empty? That must be the optimist in me.

Dammit! I really liked that house.

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