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on the games people play...

Last night, beststephi, sui66iy and I played HeroClix for the first time. It was actually much more interesting than I would have thought. We played the simplest (100 point) variation of the game, but I'm curious to play it again with more points and see how it goes. Next time, maybe I'lll use slightly more strategy in putting my team together as well. Steph won.

Went to Ross Park Mall with vanango today. Saw a place called Build-A-Bear Workshop that was pretty cool. You go in and you pick your own teddy bear (or cat or dog or bunny or whatever) skin and you stuff it yourself and then put together an outfit for it. I guess this isn't really a game, but it does seem like a fun thing to do. It would be a totally awesome date activity.

sui66iy and I had been talking about role playing games a lot lately, and in particular I was saying that I think beststephi should play them (she never really has). Mike now has me thinking about Paranoia. Which I never actually played before, but the idea intrigues me.

I haven't played Spades in quite some time. I'm in the mood. Is anyone else.

max1975 has been talking smack about tennis lately and is serious need of having his mouth forcibly shut. So I propose a challenge. The 2003 Who's the Bitch Now Invitational Challenge. I will only be sending one invitation, in the form of a punk card to one Stephen Bajzek. One match of tennis, one on one... loser publically acknowledges his indentured bitchitude to the winner via livejournal... Of course, I don't think a certain someone has the... shall we say... cajones to respond... probably has gotten to comfortable in hiw womens jeans... I'm just saying is all...

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