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on tennis, ladders and honor...

played tennis against beststephi as a kind of warm up for my forthcoming annihilation of max1975. I say "kind of" because I fully intended to lose, seeing as how unlike Species Spies Boy, she's actually better than me. As it turns out I did really well. I "won" 6-7, 6-3, 6-0. I say "won" because, after coming back from a 5-2 deficet in the first set and losing the 2nd set, Steph simply decided to forfeit because of "darkness." This actually sort of pisses me off. Granted, I likely would have beaten her anyway, since I see better than most people in the dark, and granted it goes down as a "W" in the books, which I guess would be ok, for most people, but I kind of want my wins to mean something more than that. I want to keel like I earned them, and even though I was winning against Steph when she conceded, I just don't feel like that. In any case, Steph is still #1 on the ladder but now I am closing in. I don't think my forthcoming annihilation of Max will automatically move me into first place, seeing as how he is unranked, In fact, it probably won't do much of anything for me at all. So I guess that gives me soemthing to strive for. Something to feel good about if I ever can actually displace her on the ladder...

Anyway, I am looking forward to Thursday. Its not all about ladders you know. And its not all about honor (there is no honor in defeating a clearly inferior opponent). No sometimes you just gotta beat on the little guy for fun... playing Max will be like... like... oh I know... like dwarf tossing. Why toss dwarves? Because you can! Because they're just so damn tossable. Wheee!

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