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on helping me struggle with the character driven creative process

So, although I haven't really mentioned it in a few days, I am actually working on the comic book idea that I mentioned a while back. Right now I am working with the concept of Vagabond. She's a pretty rare character, so let me give some backstory.

Priscilla Lyons was the girlfriend of Jack Monroe, who was also the superhero Nomad, a former sidekick to Captain America. More than anything she wanted to be an American hero too, so she convinced Nomad to train her to fight and she became his sidekick, Vagabond. Eventually they split up after a fight and he wanders away drunk. She trains with some other Captain America hanger-ons, but no one really thinks she's cut out for the hero biz. She tries to get powers, and that doesn't go well. She gets into a couple of very small adventures of her own, and then no one ever writes about her again.

So I have my own take on her. The way I see it, she never gave up on wanting to be a hero, she just realized she wasn't cut out for the big time. So she kind of leaves New York and starts traveling the country as an A-Team style bounty hunter. So its years later, and she's a lot smarter, a better fighter and somewhat more bitter (they used to write her as very happy-go-lucky, which was stupid). She hasn't been fighting supervillains, she's been fighting gang members, drug dealers and extortionists. She's seen humanity at its worse and its hardened her.

So there are two ways I can write the story. One is to have Pris wandering America like Kane in Kung-Fu, trying to find her place in the world. Trying to figure out who she is as a hero and how she can make her mark on America. The theme here would be to explore the makeup of a hero. Or an aspiring hero anyway.

The other way is to reteam her with Jack after all these years and explore their new relationship. She has patterend herself after him in a manner, and she still has this deep urge to proove herself to him. Also Jack has never quite fit in to the world of heroes himself, which was one of the things that made him a poor mentor for Pris in the first place So the theme here would be to explore relationships and their implicit dysfunction given that the involved individuals are superheroes.

Or I could do something else entirely.

Poll #144428 Help Mav write his comic!

Which type of story should I write?

Solo hero by herself trying to discover herself
Pair of heroes trying to work through their past relationship while finding their place in the world together
Other (please specify in a comment)

If you like or hate either idea or have thoughts about them, I'd like to know those as well.

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