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on clubbing in Pittsburgh

finally managed to go to Matrix tonight. Went with sui66iy, danitapgh and anukul. beststephi was sleepy so she stayed home (which is a shame, because I thin she would have had fun. It was definitely interesting. Honestly, none of the four "clubs" contained within are five star (each had a couple of problems) but it is nice to be able to be able to hop between the rooms at will, and none of them are really bad, per se. Probably worth going back again. I had forgotten how much I actually like clubbing. Still, I kind of miss Uncle Vics, and Trinity, and oohh... Big Daddy's (wherever that was) and of course Riverbend. I had been feeling old lately, and this definitely helped to remove some of that, and hey... at least I wasn't like "the old guy in the club." There were definitely a couple guys who fit that bill.

Side note: after bumming a clove off of thehammer last night, and smoking two Marlboro Menthol Lights tonight, that would be more than I have smoked in months. The head rush of doing so is quite pleasant, so I would say that the quitting smoking has definitely worked (tolerance is low). Now I just have to wait a month before I have another... woohoo... legal high!

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