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so speaking of parties...

in my earlier post, marmal8 mentioned that she was coming up for Jammy Jam, and that made me realize that I still haven't decided when that's going to be yet. As I'd mentioned before, I actually sort of prefer to have it before my birthday (Aug 1) on July 26th. But my poll seemed to imply that more people preferred the 16th of August... by the way, if you never voted in that poll or have changed your mind, go do it now... To complicate matters, my little sister called me yesterday and begged me to take her to the Counting Crows concert the weekend of August 16th. I told her I would think about it....

So the new question is, not just which date do you prefer, but also which date are you capable of making? Can you absolutely not be at one or the other?

*Sigh*... party planning is so much hassle...

Also, while I'm asking, anyone have any suggestions for Jammy Jam prizes for this year?

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