June 18th, 2003

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09:45 am - another useless statistic...
So, exactly one year ago today, I signed up for livejournal using a code given to me by wooble. Now, if I can just think of 21 more pseudointeresting things worthy of making a post by midnight, then I will have averaged 1 post a day for the last year. Of course, my first actual post wasn't til July 7th of last year, so maybe that is my actual livejournal anniversary... you know... not that any of this is meaningful in the slightest anyway.

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another useless statistic... - graffiti.maverick

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[User Picture]From: mamarayne Date: June 18th, 2003 - 11:23 am (Link)
Sure it is. Personal goals only have to be meaningful to self. It's the rule.
[User Picture]From: chrismaverick Date: June 18th, 2003 - 08:12 pm (Link)
yeah... the thing is, it really isn't even meaningful to me...
From: ludimagist Date: June 18th, 2003 - 02:57 pm (Link)
happy livejournal anniversary :)
[User Picture]From: chrismaverick Date: June 18th, 2003 - 08:12 pm (Link)
From: henrysbag Date: June 18th, 2003 - 08:46 pm (Link)
do you need another user code?
[User Picture]From: chrismaverick Date: June 18th, 2003 - 09:22 pm (Link)
nah... I have a permanent account... I get like 5 new codes every month...
From: henrysbag Date: June 19th, 2003 - 12:03 pm (Link)
ok, that's cool.
just makin sure you had the hook up.

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