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what I bought today

spending way too much money for an unemployed bum. Will have to get job to maintain my lifestyle. Screw job... I need a wealthy bored socialite trophy wife to have an affiar with. Someone who's only looking for a young stud to screw on Thursday evenings and in exchange is willing to keep me in the lifestyle to which I am accustomed.

What I bought today:

  • Comics - a big week... btw, anisodragnfly, two of them were Gloomcookies for you
  • Three lottery tickets - did not win Powerball, definitely need to find "sugarmommy" as the lottery is a gip... Sigh
  • Ram for my iBook - I had really been needing this for a while, and finally remembered to order a chip today
  • A nice but cheap tripod for my camera - Hopefully this will inspire me to take more pictures, including photosketches and therefore help cure my waning creativity.
  • 8 Mile, on DVD - been wanting to see this for a while, actually... and mmmm... Taryn Manning... yum...
  • a massage mat back massager - ok, this was a total splurge, but hey it was on sale... and it feels oh so nice.

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