July 26th, 2002

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12:03 pm - OK, government agencies make no sense...
Tried to file for unemployment. The website was broken, so I decided to call them. I call them and get half way through the application. The guy figures out that my last official day at work is July 31st (the day they stop paying me). So he advises me that I should wait because the way things work, I will get my first check in a week or so, if I call back on august 1st (my birthday... wheee...) but if I file now and post date my application it will take 2-3 weeks to get the first check. I pointed out that this made no sense and he said he knew that, but that's how it is.

I want a government job...

Current Mood: [mood icon] confused

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OK, government agencies make no sense... - graffiti.maverick

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[User Picture]From: wooble Date: July 26th, 2002 - 09:16 am (Link)
yeah, when they spend 2 trillion dollars on a missile defense system when they only foreigners to attack the US in the past 57 years used box cutters, you really expect a firm grasp of logic.

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