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on my complete and total hatred of computers...

why do I even bother using computers... so my new RAM seems to be defective. When it is installed my iBook crashes anytime I try to wake it from being asleep. *sigh* So now I have to go through the trouble of returning it within the next seven days so that they can send me new RAM.... which probably won't work either, knowing my luck...

in better news, I am just about to go up to the Post Office and pick up my Harry Potter book. They actually DID try to deliver it on Saturday, but I had gone off to have lunch with jameel and Samantha, so i missed it. And yet life went on... I am so perplexed.

Anyway, I guess its best that I go pick up my book so I can get back here and drool over WWDC. Was thinking of going up to CMU for it, but don't really feel like it... ah well...

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