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on the randomly picking pictures from #1 google links

I'm going to try something a little different today, well, maybe not too different, but I think it is, and I'd really like to know people's thoughts on it. So I'm cutting my word limit in half and I'm going to attempt to be a little more focused and I'd appreciate people's input. So without further ado, I present500 words of somewhat directed self-introspection:

Now there's something you don't see everyday...

So, in my most recent 1000 words of free flowing hostility I took it upon myself to make a random passing reference to people with blue mohawks. I don't know why? I don't really think ahead when I write them... that's why its free flowing hostility, you see... So anyway, after I finish writing the 1000 words, I frequently go through and decide to link to some stuff just because. I linked GI Joe, and I linked the Afro Pick, and then I was thinking that maybe I should link "blue mohawks." So, I typed "blue mohawks" at Google and found which had a nice picture of very attractive girl in lingerie and fishnets who happened to have a blue mohawk. Perfect! I linked to it, and then went on to add links to Hair Club for Men, Playboy and finally some laser hair removal place. (yes, ironically, given the subject matter, laser hair removal was the last thing it occured to me to link to).

My hostility abated, I moved on and didn't give it another thought other than to answer people's random comments and such as discussing the attractiveness of a blackman's bald head with nowishere or the place of the afro in jewish society with ludimagist. You see, $150K CMU education. I'm an intellectual people!

Anyway, so then tonight I'm actually surprised to find a comment from darenzia. Apparently enough people clicked on that link to make her notice my LJ in her logs and decided to check me out. She seemed to enjoy my rant, but I'm worried that I offended her by looping her in with "militant alternative people rebelling against a narcissitic society" which was not at all intent.

Anyway, no huge loss... I apologized and hopefully no offense was taken anyway, but the whole thing does amuse me. I never really think that there are people behind google links. I just think of them as links. WWW communication isn't really communication, especially when blogging, its just me literarilly jacking off into the great blue cyber void. I don't really consider the people who might be reading the things that I write or viewing the pics that I post, and I don't really consider the people who's writing I am reading or pics I am looking at. Its on the web, and I just kind of figure its fair game. But still you have to wonder. Do people link to me when they want to talk about transvestite playboy bunnies? What about if they find themselves using the phrase "black man, white thong"?

Really, I'm not in the slightest bit shy, so it doesn't really bother me. But its not every day that I am really confronted with the fact that I have an audience (outside of people that I might rant to in person or on AIM anyway). *sigh* ludimagist is right... I really have to find a way to fucking get paid for this.

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