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its MAV, with a V... M-A-V!

So i have a message on my answering machine about a job interview on Tuesday, and I can't tell for sure, but I think she's calling me Matt in the message. I mean, is my name really that hard? I mean, I know its unusual, and I can understand if someone just mishears me or something, but these are people that have my resume with the name right in front of them. I worry about this...

Bleah, from what I have heard about the job, it sounds interesting... but its all the way in Johnstown... which is like might as well be a million miles from here. Oh how I yearn the old days when I could walk to work....

*sigh*... back to Harry Potter....

(btw, I will be returning to Silky's for Happy Hour at 5 after taking last week off if anyone wishes to meet me there)

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