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on yesterday...

So yesterday I:
  • went to Silky's. Hung out with beststephi, ere_i_am_jh, sui66iy, madmadammim, max1975, anisodragnfly, anukul, danitapgh, b1uebutterf1y, and Curt. While there had the inevitable discussions about whether or not Sean Connery continues to be hot in his advanced age (and whether or not he was in the first place), the relative hotness of Grieco vs. Depp, talked about Mick Jagger and Steve Tyler's big lips and then, to keep the evening from being entirely too gay, we discussed mud wrestling, and debated watching Mathilde and Curt have sex.

  • saw Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. I actually did like it. What can I say without spoilers? Well, it was a very fun little romp. I actually liked the first movie a whole lot, and was looking forward to the second, and quite worried that it would fail horribly in comparisson. One thing that was nice, was that for the most part they tried to not overdo it on the plot. Its just a silly little film that tries to stay very fun. It was less about the story, and more about chances to show cute girls dancing and kicking ass. They also took the opportunity to have many many gratuiotous 'splosions! (it was one of those movies where a minor fender bender in the parking lot yields a good chance that both vehicles will spontaeneous combust in a large mushroom cloud.) Ok, maybe you might think this is stupid... but I personally love a good 'splosion, and there were many here. Also, they worked a nice commercial for the Pussycat Dolls into the plot, which makes sense as all three stars have preformed there. And finally, I have to support any movie that finds an opportunity to feature Bela Karolyi. Bleah, I could write more... but don't know if I should... I really do miss writing movie reviews though.

  • finished reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Without giving any spoilers, I liked this too. I'm still curious as to what dr4b's exact complaints are, and I kinda think I may know what some of them are, but it didn't affect me as much. There were some things that I didn't like. Namely, its entirely too long. The story she's telling could have been told better in half the pages. She needs to learn to make choices about what she includes in her writing. I also think that she could stand to take some lessons on changing up her dialog, couldn't she? I first noticed a problem she has in Book 3, didn't I? It became very pronounced in Book 4, didn't it?. And now it's quite over the top, isn't it? I suppose it's possible that it wouldn't bother everyone, isn't it? And, I know that mamarayne has mentioned to me that she doesn't even notice, does she? Still, I find it quite aggravating, don't I?

    As for positive, non-spoiler notes. I very much enjoyed the character of Ginny Weasley, who up until this point had seemed very much a supporting character, but seems to have grown a full fledged personality somewhere inside of the 30 days that occur between the last word of Book 4 and the first word of Book 5. I like that the other characters are developing in personality as well, but I wish it was a little more drastic than it had been. They're 15 now, and they are different than they were at 11, but their personality changes seem to have been a little too slow for my tastes. They come across as slightly emotionally stunted. In truth, I understand it, because the books aren't actually for 15 year olds (or 28 year olds) they're for 10 year olds, so the characters need to stay identifiable, and its certainly reasonable to just consider their stunted growth parts of their characters, but I can still be annoyed by it dammit, and I am... that said, I think she did a fine job to the extent that she did.

    Regarding the big secret ending, that i won't discuss since I said no spoilers, well, I understand why some people might not like it, but I also understand why she did it, and I very much approve. It was the Right Thing To Do™. If anyone wants to discuss my reasons for thinking that with me not here I'd be glad to.

So all in all a good day, and time to look forward to today. Maybe I'll play some tennis, or work on thwomp's lx_arena challenge, like I promised I would. *smack!*

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