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I think tomorrow I'm going to just take $360 cash out and flush it straight down the toilet...

So as I said, on Saturday I accidentally broke the hazard light switch off of my steering column. Thus making the blinkers run continuously. I was able to stop them and thus not run my battery out by disconnecting a fuse, but the problem was my turn signals didn't work. So I get up early and I start calling mechanics looking for someone who can do the work on today. I finally find one on the other side of town so I go to drive there, but then my truck won't start. So I think the battery is dead and I try to jump it off of beststephi's van. No good. So eventually I call AAA and ask them to come tow me. Only they never show up. In the meantime, I find out that there is a mechanic just down the street who can do the work for a lot cheaper. The mechanic also thinks that using his battery charger he can get the Vagabond started to drive it the 2 blocks to his shop. Great! So I cancel the tow truck. So the mechanic goes and gets his charger, and of course we can't get it started. So I once again call AAA to tow me. So I waste my last AAA tow for the year getting my truck towed 2 blocks. I would have pushed it, except it weighs over two tons and it was uphill. So they tow me down the street. And I leave the truck there. It starts raining, but luckily I had planned ahead. I brought an umbrella. So I open the umbrella and it explodes in my hands. So much for that idea. So I walk home and get wet. Later I go back to the shop and find out that the problem that was stopping the truck from starting was that my crappy broken security system which I had bypassed some time ago unbypassed itself, so it was reengaged, and that's why it wouldn't start. No cost to fix that. But of course, I wasted a AAA tow, because if I had remembered that that was an issue (it hasn't been in months) I could have fixed it in about 1 seconds time. (it just invloves shorting a couple of wires). So now I pay for the repairs, $364! They don't take credit cards, and they don't normally take personal checks but the guy cut me a break because he "knows where I live." Then I try to leave but can't because when they looking around to try and find out while the engine wouldn't start they had taken apart my parking break release lever and forgotten to put it back together. So I stand arouind while they do that. And then finally drive the 2 blocks back to my house.

In the mail today, I got a discount coupon for a burial plot for myself so that "my loved ones don't have to worry about me after I'm gone." Hmmm... I wonder if they know something I don't.

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