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the Jameel interview...

just getting around to answering jameel's interview questions... you know the rules by now, I'm sure... If by some random chance you still want an interview at this point, let me know...

1. Time to chop off the old meat arm, yep, yep. You get one piece of cyber from Shadowrun to replace some part of your body (eyes count as one, as do ears, nerves, etc). What do you choose, and why?

What? And lose those valuable essence points that effect my shamanism? Hmmm... well, thinking. Well, I don't know where all my books are, so doing this from memory. I'd have to say a chipjack and a set of skill wires... Does that count as one? If not, maybe an adrenal pump or a wired reflexes. I dunno... I'd pick move-by-wire, but you know... that shit's scary.

2. The time police are here, and you have to get out of here... now! You didn't have a chance to set the destination, but this is a comic book time machine! Naturally, there are but a few default destinations: the time of the dinosaurs, caveman times, Camelot, the Wild West, and the far future. Which of these times would you rather be stranded in, and why? If I've forgotten one of the time travel defaults, feel free to add it.

Hmmm, well of the ones you mentioned I'd probably take the old west. It best fits my personality. In fact, I'll even take you with me so that you can be Father Time, leader of the Outlaw Posse, while I'm busy fucking Salli Richardson.

3. Pick an physical form, an origin, a weakness, and a superpower. Explain the pros and cons of each to the class.

You know the answer to this, because its what I always pick. I'd be the ShadoWolf. Physical form: Human. Origin: Intense training. Weakness: Human. Superpower: Chi. Pros: its me. Its what I am comfortable being. Its gives me enough power to be the type of hero that I might want to be and do the sorts of things that I'd want to do. Cons: It comes with all the problems of being me too. If I were the character the way I always write/play the character, then there is the being doomed to isolation (and mild insanity) that comes with it.

4. The soundtrack of your life is being made. Choose a single artist or group to do it. Why them?

Prince... Old Prince. With the Revolution or maybe the CounterRevolution (mixture of Revolution and the Time). The music has always seemed to fit me. Given that there's such a variety in the songs, I think I could fit the soundtrack to the various parts of my life pretty well. Especially if I don't stick to old Prince and I use the NPG stuff too. Also, I don't think I could possibly do my own death scene without Sometimes it snows in April.

5. What do you see yourself doing in ten years?
I have no idea. Hopefully I'll be out of debt. And the economy will be better and I'll have a decent job, or better yet, be making money with the artwork and the writing. Also maybe raising a couple kids and basically hanging out by my pool or having the occasional orgy in my hottub.

or alternately, I'll be on the streets somewhere saying I hated L.L. and I carried a big knife.

As for further interviews... well, you want some come get some...

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