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Mav's superhero meme-ling

I'm bored and want to draw a superhero picture. Do you want to be a superhero? Do you want to be in my picture? Here's your shot. Answer the following questions. I'll probably use the first 5 or 6 or so that I get answers from, so answer early if you really want in, but I reserve the right to bump people if I think they aren't that interesting, for someone later who I think is more interesting. Or to add more people if I decide I want to. In other words. impress me.

So you want to be a superhero:

1) What are your powers?

2) How did you get them?

3) What are your favorite colors?

4) In 3 adjectives or less describe your "style" (dark, sexy, edgy, colorful, sleek, boobaliscious, etc.)

5) Point me at a couple pictures of yourself on the web for reference

6) Give me any other reasons you think I should choose you to be superhero. (optional)

EDIT: Wow, that went fast... ok, I know I said 5 or 6, but I'll take more... I might do more than one picture. Or a really big one.

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