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So if you know me, you might have noticed something along the way. See. I'm nuts. Its subtle. And you might not see it at first, but yeah, trust me, its there. I ain't all there. A beer short of a six-pack. A few fries short of a happy meal.

Being that I am nuts, there are certain lower-brow entertainment styles that I am enamored of. One of them is professional wrestling. I've loved pro wrestling since I was like 10 years old or something. I had previously considered trying to go to professional wrestler training just because it seemed like a fun idea. I don't really have any delusions of jetting around the world with the WWE, but really, if I get to wrestle in front of 100 people, I'd probably feel like king of the world. But I could never find a school around here. Never until now.

The International Wrestling Cartel has a school over in Homestead and I have written a guy to get information about it. Apparently the classes are $150/month, meeting twice a week, for 32 weeks. I would be trained by these two guys:

Shirley Doe   Super Hentai

Shirley Doe

Super Hentai

And really, what do I have to lose but $1600 and a bunch of pain? So what do you think? Should I do it? Who wants to go with me?

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