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on assumptions of my social opinions...

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These days, I do most of my blogging over at 365mav. It was my idea when I started 365, that I'd use it as a daily journal of my life and I'd reserve chrismaverick for my rants about general life and politics and such. Stuff that wasn't specifically about me. In practice though, my rants are usually inspired by something that happens in my daily life so I end up ranting over there, and then having to copy the rant over here so as not to bother with writing it twice.

This is one of those days.

Day 798 of 365 Again.

Sometimes people just can't read. Welcome to the internet.

I received not one, but two messages today letting me know that my Day 68 photo was linked on some website by someone woman having to do with men's bad ideas.

The gist of of both people's messages was that the woman links to pics without their permission. While they have a point, I've long since accepted that being on the internet, posting pictures, means that inevitably, people are going to use my shit without my permission. Really, it happens all the time. Some could argue it's fair use. Some could argue it's copyright infringement, but it's clear that in 2008, the laws about what you can and can't do with someone else's picture just don't keep up with the way reality works. I just accept it. In a perfect world, I'd be getting some kind of royalties everytime someone uses my stuff. The world is not perfect. Que sera, que sera.

What's funny is the context in which the image is being used. Some woman is using my photo to illustrate that threesomes are bad ideas (as well as using other photos to illustrate other "male" ideas are bad).

I don't pretend that I'm perfect, or that I make sense all the time. But I am pretty forthcoming with my beliefs, as crazy and fucked up as they may be. I write about them all the time. And if you're paying attention, you might be able to guess that I totally don't have a problem with the concept at all (while that isn't actually what that picture was about).

Funny story. Last year, around Christmas, I was at Walmart standing in the express line to buy a pack of cigarrettes. The woman in front of me was looking through tabloids while she waited, and one had a picture of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt on the cover. She turned to me and started complaining about them. "I just don't get this Angelina Jolie thing. Men like her they must be crazy."

Now a little backstory. Unlike, apparently, 99.9999% of my gender I don't find Angelina Jolie hot. Don't get me wrong. She's not ugly or anything. She's even kind of pretty. But I don't think she's especially sexier than maybe 100 other women that i know in real life. She's the kinda chick that if I saw her at the club, I'd be like "oh, ummm... yeah, I guess she's kinda cute." and then I'd probably go back to my drink. It's not like I'd be like "Dayumn! I have to ask her to dance." So I figured, "oh, this woman feels the same way about her as me." and I mumbled a half hearted "yep" to her. I guess she took this as approval to enter a full fledged conversation with me, and began ranting.

"I mean, she's just disgusting. I don't see why Brad stays with her. You know, she does it with other women. That's just gross. It's wrong. It's disgusting. Why anyone would think twice about her, knowing she's into that sort of thing is beyond me."

I just kind of stared at her while she was ranting about the grossness of Angelina's lesbian dalliances and finally when I could tell she was looking to me for validation I said, "ummm, sorry lady. You got the wrong guy." She turned away in a huff and then we ignored each other.

It shouldn't surprise anyone at this point to know that my views on sex are EXTREMELY liberal. You want to fuck people of the same gender. Good for you. You want to fuck the starting lineup of the Dallas Cowboys all at once, again... I say go you. Hell, you enjoy giving head to barnyard animals, well... so long as the animals don't complain, who am I to stand in your way. If you're a good old fashioned, sex only for procreation, in the bounds of marriage and anything but the missionary position makes the baby Jesus cry. Well, I say you're missing out on all the great homosexual orgies with livestock, but hey, so long as you're happy, it's none of my business.

But really, what is it about my face that makes people just assume that I'd agree with them on whatever. It's not even just sex. People never really ask me "who do you support for president?" Liberals assume I'd go with Obama. Conservatives assume I'd go with McCain. I mean, I'd totally get the "oh, he's a black guy, he must be an Obama guy" thing, but it's not just that way. People just think I must feel the way they do.

Bt especially with sex. I've had gay people assume I'm gay. I've had polyamorous people assume I'm poly. And the straight, monogamous people just assume I'm one of them. Really I don't mind one way or the other, first impressions are what they are. But if you actually took the time to read anything I write ever (or worse, have a conversation with me for like more than 10 min.) it should really be pretty evident that about politics, sex, drugs, crime, religion, homosexuality and most other social issues... I'm pretty much fucking nuts.

So uh, yeah... If you're trying to blog about traditional values and linking to me... "ummm, sorry lady, you got the wrong guy!"

Can I get a "Woah Bundy!"

365 days

an open reply to racists who read my blogs.


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I hadn't used my livejournal in quite some time. 365mav and Cosmic Hellcats have been taking up so much of my time lately. But I had been wanting to change that. I had been wanting to find the time to find a topic that gave me something good to rant about here (as opposed to 365mav where I talk about my life, I like to keep this space reserved for just crazy ranting and stuff.

Only today I kinda did that ranting in my 365 shot. It went on a lot longer than I intended it to and I thought it might be a nice little thing to put here and represent my (hopeful) return to bloggerdom. So here you go.

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Mav and Max present Hellcats at art show

Chaste Black Poster.jpg
Max and I are going to be appearing at the "Good and Evil" show at Pittsburgh's Creative Treehouse displaying photos from the Hellcats photoshoot as well as the comic.

If you're in Pittsburgh or near here, by all means stop by and buy a print or a signed book. Should be a blast.

This is an 18 and over show, and BYOB. There will be live bands. I've presented my photography at these shows before and they're generally quite fun. So if you're not busy Saturday night then please come on by.

And if you are busy. Well, cancel your plans. We're much cooler than whatever you were going to be doing anyway.

When: May 17, 2008
Where: Creative Treehouse
517 Lincoln Avenue
Bellevue, PA 15202
Time: 8pm to 12am
Cost: $5
18 and Over Show
BYOB w/proper ID

Hope to see you there.

PS: If you aren't reading our webcomic yet, then what the hell is wrong with you?

on hellcats and ... well... going to hell, or heaven, I guess...

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so I don't normally copy my 365mav shots here, seeing as how there already is another place for them. But I'm really wondering what people are thinking about this one, and its a great excuse to pimp my new webcomic so what the hell?

Anyway, from today's 365 shot:

Day 632 of 365 More.

This will probably be one of those rants that I love doing that will probably piss a lot of people off, so before I get to that, I guess it would make sense if I got the other stuff out of the way.

Saw Iron Man today. Even thought about doing a shot commemorating it, but I've been busy with other stuff and didn't get to it. Anyway, good movie. I enjoyed it. And I'm the kinda guy who always sits through all the credits of a movie, no matter what I go to see. I'm glad I am. So if you're not the kinda person who reads all the credits, I suggest you do this time.

I also got episode 2 of Cosmic Hellcats up. We're only two episodes in, so if you haven't been following along, it's pretty easy to catch up. How's that for a cheap plug.

Ok, so now on to the rant.

Steph and I went for a walk through our local graveyard after we got back from the movies today. It's kinda weird. We live closer to a graveyard (actually three) than we do to any park, so sometimes we go there to walk and jog and stuff.

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm kinda non-traditional about death rituals. Like I don't go to funerals, for instance. No matter how much I loved the person in life. They're just not my gig. The whole concept of hanging out with the body is kinda creepy. The person isn't in there. It's just meat. Dead meat, to be crass. There's absolutely no reason to be all creepy and hang out with it. It just depresses everyone. I hate being depressed. I'm depressed enough as it is. When I die, I'd rather you all go out and have a drink in my honor. Maybe go out and have hot monkey sex. Hell, watch one of my favorite movies. You know... do something I enjoyed. Nobody enjoys funerals. And if you do... ewww!

So anyway, while we were walking around, it occurred to me what a colossal waste of space and rescources graveyards are. I don't know how long it takes a body to decompose, but I don't think its that long really. Certainly not in the grand scheme of eternity. So why do we waste valuable land space on storing dust.

I guess I get that some people like visiting the grave site. I don't understand it, but I get it. It seems like some people feel closer to their relatives after they're gone and uh... stand there and look at the six feet of dirt, grass and weeds laying on top of them. Ok, yeah, that's weird, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

But how long does that go on? I mean, I admit, I don't really understand it because I don't do it. I loved my grandfather more than I can possibly even begin to say, but i've never seen his grave. I don't want to see it, because its, well... not him... its a bunch of dirt over where what's left of him was buried. I'd rather remember him as a guy who drank beer and fished than a guy buried in a hole.

But even if I did care about such things, I can't imagine that my future children will care. Because they never actually met him. So why would they want to look at the mound of dirt over him. And what about their children. And their children's children? I'm betting they couldn't give a damn.

So that's the weird thing. I'm walking around and I come across tombstones for people who died in the mid-1800s. 1891, 1883, 1874, 1868! These are people who have been dead well over 100 years. Everyone who ever knew them are dead. No one is coming to visit these graves. Right? They're just taking up space. Some of them a whole lot of space! Giant pillars! Mausoleums! Who does that?

I mean, am I wrong? Does anyone go to visit the graves of their ancestors they don't know?

And then there's the really sad one. John So-and-so, Loving Husband, 1821-1865. Martha So-and-so, Loving WIfe, 1842-____. You know what that means? I bet you a million dollars that Martha ain't still walking the earth today at the tender age of 166. John was all proud that he found himself a young hot wife. Was with her for a couple years, met a tragic early end, but had prepared a family plot for them, then Martha went on to remarry and decided to have herself buried somewhere else. Leaving John to look like he's been stood up on a date throughout eternity. Sad. So very sad.

I mean, who does that anyway? I can almost understand buying a funeral plot with your spouse while you're still alive. A bit morbid, but ok, I get it. When someone dies, the planning and arranging is kinda hard, especially in the survivors state of mind. Best to get as much out of the way ahead of time as possible.

But who the hell writes their name on the stone while they're still alive?!?! That's the sickest thing I've ever heard. There were some stones where both people were still alve. Tom and Nancy McGullicutty. 1965-___ and 1963-____. What the fuck is wrong with you people?

Maybe I'm the weird one here. Maybe I just don't get it. But seriously, when I go, I hope you people have the decency to turn me into Soylent and feed the starving children or something.

Enjoy the comic.

365 days

on comicon and cosmic hellcats...

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If you haven't been following 365mav (and you should be, as I write there everyday) you might not know that I wrote a comic book. Well I did. And Pittsburgh Comicon is tomorrow.... max1975 and I will be there selling the book and signing copies and stuff like that.

The comic is based on four of the girls who have modeled for me, and on Saturday and Sunday, they'll be joining us in our booth to sell and sign books as well. We'll also have prints and posters of the girls for sale and we'll even have t-shirts. Som come. Spend money. Buy stuff. Make a long line so that we don't seem foolish sitting next to Sal Buscema.

And if you're not local and can't make the con, you should still buy the book because its awesome. It really is. I'm not just saying that cuz I wrote it. And if you want extra super duper total awesomeness then buy the portfolio edition graphic novel same great story, but on really nice paper and with extra bonus pics of all the real life girls.

Come on, help a brotha out. I'm but a poor starving artist who wants to eat next month.

on blissful political ignorance...

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So, due to some accounting errors in the way taxes were deducted from my paycheck, I owed the city of Pittsburgh some money this year. Not a whole lot of money, but about $400. So seeing as how I'd rather the $400 be in my bank account than the Man's, I waited til the last minute to pay them.

So on my lunch break, I walked over to the post office to mail in my return and the check. On my way out of the post office I was stopped by an elderly woman who was protesting tax law,

Woman: Excuse me! Would you like to know how the government spends your tax dollars?
Me: Ummm, no... I most certainly do not.

I wish I had a camera on me for that one. I was in a rush, so I left my camera bag in my office. That'll teach me. I guess I could have used my iPhone. Oh well.

I hope I wasn't too rude. I mean, I gotta figure when you're protesting you get blown off by people a lot meaner than me. Really though, I'm depressed enough as it is. I really don't need to hear about how my $400 bucks (actually a lot more than that, when you take into account all the taxes that WERE taken out last year) is going to support some cause I probably don't believe in.

All the more reason for you people to elect me ruler. Under my administration your relatively meager yearly taxes will go to good roads, clean air, universal healthcare and a chambermaid in every home. And for all you negro families out there, who are still waiting for the reparations promised your ancestry. I'm there for you. Forty acres and a mule, baby!

"But Emperor Mav! Despite horrible atrocities of the past, we have not enough land to furnish every black family with 40 acres!"

I hear you, and I understand. And like everything else, my cabinet has a plan to help you out. I'm not quite ready to talk about the details, but let me just leave you with this teaser:


on teens and technology...

So I went to Easter dinner with Steph and her family, and while there, here cousin (who I think is like 14) was admiring my new iPhone. In typical teen fashion, she immediately started begging her parents for one. Her mother told her to stop and she's lucky they finally agreed to let her have a cellphone at her age.

This sparked a conversation as to whether or not it was appropriate for teens to have cell phones. Steph's other cousin (a school teacher) then went off on a tangent about how kids shouldn't have phones because they are the bane of schools. She said she confiscates more phones from kids than anything else because they aren't supposed to have them on during school hours.

I actually found this kinda disturbing. I'm actually pretty against the concept of schools being able to confiscate anything. Simply put. Shit doesn't belong to them, they shouldn't take shit. But also, I thought after Columbine and 9/11 all the rules had changed anyway. I'm totally okay with saying that kids aren't allowed to make phone calls during class, but dammit, its fucking 2008. If I have a 14 year old kid, I want to be able to get in touch with him/or on 2 seconds notice anytime I want. Period. You want to make a rule that they can't be on the phone during class. Fine. You want to give them detention if they break it. Fine. But if you take property from my kids that I bought for them, you can expect the police to come a-calling.

Anyway, this went on and eventually the cousin revealed that she takes away more cell phones during lunch than any other time. During lunch? What the fuck!?! Who cares if a kid is on the phone during lunch. Well apparently, its against the rules to have phones turned on during school hours at all. And since lunch is during school hours that counts. I pointed out that that was a dumb rule. She said, but its the rule so it has to be followed I always hate that logic. I got over blindly following rules that didn't make sense when I was like 2 years old. I sure as hell wasn't doing it when I was 14.

Anyway, her rationale was that kids are on the phone and myspace and such way too often anyway, and she'd much rather they use their lunch break to learn face to face social communication because that is more likely to help them in the real world.


I've lived in the real world for quite a while now. In fact, there is nothing more I would like in the world than to crawl back into the nice comfy world of academia and never have to leave again. That said, I can tell you without a doubt that in the real world, in 2008, face-to-face communication isn't worth shit. What you need to survive in the real world is a healthy understanding of cellphones and email. That's how the world turns. And I don't think that's going away anytime soon.

So anyway, that's the question. For everyone, but especially those of you with kids. Do teens need cell phones? And if they have cellphones what should be the policy of schools regarding them? Do you think its bad that kids are communicating virtually so often now? Do you think that at 14 or 15 a kid still needs to be "learning to socialize face-to-face?" Or do you feel like I do, that they are trying to apply old rules to a society that no longer works the way they think it does. In my view, it didn't even work that way then. But whatever.

Anyway, how do you feel?

EDIT: sui66iy posted a link tothis article which is a good take on the situation.

on scarring your children for life... (but in a cool GenX kinda way)

The Dahm Triplets

The Dahm Triplets
One is married to Dr. Phil's kid.
No accounting for taste.
So the other day, beststephi and I were watching the TV show, 1 vs. 100. For those who have never seen it, the base premise is that one contestant competes in trivia questions against a mob of 100 contestants for a chance to win $1million. If the contestant ever gets a question wrong, then the mob splits whatever money the contestant would have won. The mob includes a bunch of regular people, who change from game to game, and some celebrities (I use that term loosely), who stay for the whole season and play for chairity. In actuality, the mob has 102 people in it, because one of the celebrities is the Dahm Triplets, who play as a unit as one mob member.

For some reason, I decided to look up the Wikipedia entry for the sisters (not really sure why, they look anything but hot on the show, though the internet proves them to be much better looking) and I found something that I can't decide if it's disturbing or not. Apparently, two of the three twins have tattoos. Why are tattoos disturbing, well, they're not really. But in this case, its the circumstance. When the twins were born their parents had one of them tattooed with a small dot on her ass. Another has two small dots. And one was left uninked. The parents used these markings to distinguish which was which when they were babies.

For some reason, that just seems like the weirdest craziest thing I've ever heard. I don't really know why. I know a lot of people in the modern day and age are against (male) circumcision of newborns. I still know others who are against the piercing of the ears of little girls. Neither of those things really bother me though. Yet, the very concept of tattooing a kid for recognition, even in a relatively innocuous way like that just seems crazy to me. I asked Steph, and she seemed to think it wasn't that big a deal, especially since the markings aren't really visible (the twins were Playboy Playmates, jointly in December 1998. I spent some time scouring the internets "researching" nekkid pictures of them, and I can't see the dots for the life of me), but something about it still bothers me.

So I ask you oh blogosphere. Is this crazy? If you had triplets would you do that to them? Would you pick somewhere less potentially embarrasing than the ass? The sole of the foot came to mind for me. And how do you decide which of the three girls to spare? As I've thought about it, it occured to me that if I were going to do it, I'd probably at least pick something cooler than dots, so as the girls grew older and began sexing it up or appearing in Playboy (which they did at the SUGGESTION of their father) it would look like they did it on purpose. Maybe a little heart on one's ass, a star on another and for the third (since I wouldn't want to leave someone out), I dunno... something simple... like a portrait of Harry S. Truman.

And how does this compare to regular customs. Is it barbaric to circumsize a kid? How about piercing their ears? Or is it ok to tattoo a baby just for fun. Maybe its a good idea to tattoo all of your kids with their names across their forehead for easy identification should they ever get misplaced or kidnapped.

Of course, once we start barcoding everyone this will all be moot.

on glamorous fairy tales...

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so, if you've been following 365mav, then you probably already know that I collected the first year of self-portraits together in a nice little coffee table book, which everybody should totally buy because, like I want to be famous and stuff.

Anyway, playing with blurb and self-publishing, I found that I really liked it and I really liked the coffee table book format and I started trying to think what else I could do with it. Eventually, I came up with this idea of having a coffee table book of maybe 20 glamorized fairy tales. Spoofs on Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and hat not. Not really pornographic per se, But adult oriented and sensualized in the same way that most of my photography is. I've talked to a couple models about it and people seem excited by it.

Anyway, I had lunch with max1975 today and he thought it was a cool idea and expressed interest in helping me write it. Honestly it had never occurred to me before to even ask anyone else to write it with me. I kind of thought of it as "my thing." I'm REALLY sure that I don't want to share the photography, but I'm torn on the writing.

So here are my questions for people:
  1. Do you even think its a cool idea? Would you buy something like this? How much would you pay for it?
  2. What fairy tales should I be sure to include?
  3. Do you think I should write it myself or share the writing with other people?
  4. If you're a writer, would you be interested in writing a story for it?
  5. If you're a model, would you be interested in modeling for it? (Unlike the Tarot thing, I don't think I need a gazillion different people, and in fact, I think it might even be funny if like Prince Charming was the same guy in every fairytale.
  6. Should I just have like one picture for each story or a couple and try to illustrate different scenes?
  7. How long should it be? I was thinking maybe 20 short stories, like a page or two each. Would it be better if the stories were more... story length? Should there be more or less than 20?

And any other input people think is important I'd love to hear too. I'm pretty excited about this one. Geeze, I have way too much going on.

Oh yeah, quick plug, come to my show tomorrow night. You know you want to.

Come see my gallery show

I was invited to do another photography show at the Creative Treehouse. This time the theme is "light" and I've been taking pictures for a photoset there. I'd like to invite anyone who's going to be in Pittsburgh on Jan. 19th to come out and see it. I'm quite happy wiht what I've produced so far for it. Some of my best work ever. The press release for the show is below.

Lights! A Photographic Exploration

Bellevue, PA, January 2nd, 2008 — Lights! is a photographic exploration featuring photographic work from local photographers. From natural to controlled, light is all around us from the source of the sun to the simplicity of a light bulb, but there are many and various sources of light around us from day to day. This show puts photographers in a world of never ending light sources to capture their best representation of light. So join in on the fun for an event featuring the works of John E. Bodnar, Sarah Higgins, Chris Maverick, Dawn Zacharias, Sarah Hindman, Lucinda Wiebe, Michelle Mitchell, Michael Flaherty, Dustin McGrew, John Altdorfer, Tamara Barker, Christina Labrise , Jeff Zoet, and Marta Heberle.

Music provided by Andrew James formerly of Dodging August (, the Shutouts (, the Jim Dandies (, and the Dream Intended (

When: January 19, 2008
Time: 7:30PM to 12AM
Price: $5 at the Door, BYOB with Proper ID, All Ages
Food & Beverages:
Non-Alcoholic Drinks and Appetizers will be provided.

For additional information, Contact:
Jesse Hambley
Creative TreeHouse
517 Lincoln Ave., 2nd floor
Bellevue, PA 15202